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Personal Statements


or me, Modern logic is an interesting, beautiful and deep subject: it provides us a precise, rigorous and profound way to do philosophy. Modern logic greatly updates and deepens our understanding of the following core concepts in philosophy:

Truth Proof Infinity Computation Set
Definability Independence Absoluteness Decidability Self-reference
Incompleteness Complexity Implication Consistency Paradox
Contradiction Knowability Necessity Vagueness etc.

Research Interests

Understanding the Incompleteness The limit of Incompleteness, Meta-mathematics of Arithmetic, the intensional problem of Incompleteness, Concrete Incompleteness
Understanding the Independence The Independence Phenomenon and Philosophy of Infinity
Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic The notion of proof, computation and truth in Foundations of Mathematics

Academic Awards/Honors

Time Award Name Offered by
2014.08 Silver Medal of the 2014 Kurt Gödel Research Prize Fellowships The Kurt Gödel Society in Austria

Period Honor
2016 Wuhan University Luojia Young Scholar, China
2017 Hubei Province Chutian Scholar, China
2019 National Ten Thousands Plan for Young Top Talents,China

Research Projects

Title Project Time Status
Research on the limit of incompleteness and the intensional problem of incompleteness The National Social Science Fund of China for general project, No.18BZX131 2018 Principal
Research on Gödel's incompleteness theorem Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education Planning Fund, No.17YJA72040001 2017 Principal