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Teaching Award

  • Wuhan University 2016-2017 Academic Year Undergraduate Outstanding Teaching Performance Award

Some English reference books

Fundamentals of Mathematical Logic

  • Herbert B. Enderton. A mathematical introduction to logic (2nd ed.), Boston, MA: Academic Press, 2001.
  • George Boolos; John Burgess and Richard Jeffrey. Computability and Logic (4th ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Introduction to Recursion Theory

  • Herbert B. Enderton. Computability Theory: An Introduction to Recursion Theory, Academic Press, 2010.

Introduction to Set Theory

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  • K. Kunen. Set Theory, An Introduction to Independence Proofs, Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1980.

Introduction to Model Theory

  • Chen Chung Chang and H. Jerome Keisler. Model Theory. Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics (3rd ed.). Elsevier, (1990) [1973].

Provability Logic

  • George Boolos. The Logic of Provability. Cambridge University Press, 1993.

Topics on Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem

  • R. Murawski. Recursive Functions and Metamathematics: Problems of Completeness and Decidability, Gödel's Theorems. Dordrecht: Kluwer,1999.
  • Per Lindström. Aspects of Incompleteness, Lecture Notes in Logic v. 10,1997.

Topics on Metamathematics of Peano Arithmetic

  • P. Hájek and P. Pudlák. Metamathematics of First-Order Arithmetic, Berlin: Springer, 1993.

Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic

  • William Bragg Ewald. From Kant to Hilbert: A source book in the foundations of mathematics, Oxford University Press, USA, 2007.
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